Camping D.F.E. was founded in 1963 by Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Laberge.​

Mr. Laberge fell in love with the farm because of its beautiful cascading waterfalls, which seemed to him an irresistible attraction.

Mr. Laberge acquired the farm from Mr. Henri Turcot in 1959 with the goal of digging an artificial lake and adding a ski slope to the property. So he cleared the hill side to build ski slopes and a cottage to keep people warm. Then a 37-acre lake was dug and some roads were laid out. At the announcement of Expo 67, 150 campsites were set up to receive visitors.

Due to the increasing demand from customers because of the beauty of the site, camping spaces are now at 350.

In 1974, Mr. Laberge’s son, ‘Gaëtan’ took over the management of the campground and then sold it to Roger Laplante in 1987.

In 2005 Mr. Marco Charland acquired the property and is currently renovating and modernizing this beautiful location where there is always two beautiful lakes, one beautiful semi-Olympic pool and of course its magical waterfalls appreciated by all.

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